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Institut International de Lancy (IIL), 2010 / 2011: new wing, update: 02.08.10

Posted by ghhrelocation Date 2010/4/29 12:19:07

Latest update: 02.082010

First day of school will be Thursday 2nd September 2010. And the first day off will be Thursday 9th September and Friday 10th. 

The official inauguration of the building (new wing) is to take place on the afternoon of Friday, 22nd October 2010. 

The main entrance to the school on the Avenue Eugène-Lance has been moved 50 m along the road in the direction of the swimming pool. To ensure the safety of the pupils, a number of new measures are being implemented from the beginning of term. Access to the campus will be limites and monitored throughout the day. Visitors will need to collect a badge from the reception before entering the premises. 

The name of the pupils new teacher and class will be send by email just before the beginning of term. 

Secondary students will have class until 12h35 on Wednesday mornings to allow for changes in school programmes. School buses therefore, will not leave until 12h40.

The Wednesday morning timetable will remain the same for nursery and primary children (classes end at 11h40). Children may stay at school for lunch while they wait for the bus. Free supervision will be provided for those who do not wish to eat at school. 

The new website ( will be up and running later in summer. 

Nursery and primary children must follow the IIL dress code, as must students in Y7, Y8, 6e and 5e. There will be a school uniform sale Monday, 30 August from 8h30 to 5 p.m.




 update: 18.05.2010: 

The new wing should be finished at the end of the current school year, providing 33 additional classrooms. Pictures will be available on The 14 classes now in the temporary building will be relocated in the new building. 
There are currently around 1,330 pupils. With the opening of the new wing, the school will be able to provide places for up to 1,500 pupils.
Minimum of 2 classes per year in each section, with up to 4 classes in the French section.

There will be a school dress code for students Y7/6e and Y8/5e from September 2010.

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