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Explaining the school search, points to think about
2012/2/16 5:06:08 (5817 reads)

 Geneva-Helping-Hands Relocation will find the right school for your child / children among the vast choice of excellent schools. We are there to take away your stress in helping you with the most important thing in your life. To provide you with extensive advice on all aspects of the schooling search here in the lovely lake Geneva region. 

We know the school market very well and support your school choice with our knowledge and our personal contacts

How does this all work in practical life? You and we (Geneva-Helping-Hands Relocation) will have in depth conversation to make sure that we understand the particular needs of your child/children. The following criteria's are very important when choosing a school: age, language spoken at home, language the new school should / must have, present school system, how long you would like to stay in Geneva / the lake Geneva region ie. the children in this school, academic levels such as if they have A-levels / O-levels / Baccalaureate / Maturity, sports levels such as if they have school teams, play on high levels, fine arts level such as if they have drama classes or if they have auditions and performances, ...
We can contact you via email, phone or via skype. Whatever is the most convenient for you. We are very flexible and our highest priority is to meet your needs. We will always be in a close dialogue with you to understand your individual search criteria.

We aim to make clear the range and variety of Swiss private schools available. With our knowledge and the dialogue with you we can guide you through the wealth of possibilities available to you. And not only the three big schools which everybody looks at first. 

Our service offers at the moment three packages:
Please email for a quoatiation.

The following schools are in the agep (Geneva Association of private schools, 44 schools) member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools and in the avdep (Vaud Association of private schools, 48 schools) which grant that they follow high standards of administration and education.
We will pick you up from the airport / hotel and have already pre-arranged the visits to the schools. Our consultant will be with you all times and answer your questions.
Furthermore we have an in dept knowledge of the schools and can get personal insights of schools by mothers / students we know. We are there to be your helping hand and when we know what you are looking for we can support you 100 % as your personal assistant. To make your school trip time as effective as can be.
Starting the school search before the house hunting will put a lot of pressure from the whole family. As waiting lists are quite long the earlier you apply for a school the better are your chances. Use the time after you know that you will be moving and the actual house hunting trip to already sort out your schooling.
Very often there are two months when the announcement has to go through and the HR needs to set up your move. This time is already crutial and can be perfectly used for the school search. We give you the unique possibility to do this beforehand. If a trip is not possible we can also provide you with information and pictures / videos via skype to help you decide without having seen the school personally. This might be an option for you to. Whatever is your personal situation thank you for having a look at our services and let us know how we can help. Looking very much forward to hearing from you.
Warmest wishes, Andrea. owner - Geneva-Helping-Hands Relocation.

ps. since July 2011 we will be additionally serving you from Singapore. Your consultant easing the school search from Asia to Geneva.

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